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    Kea Dupree-Alfred was born and raised in Washington, DC where photography has been a passion of her's since early childhood. She went on to college at Florida A & M University and decided to major in Physics. In her junior year she changed her major to photography earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 2002. In 2003 Kea Dupree Photography was born. Many years later, she feels very blessed to have a successful career in something she has had a life long passion for.

Merry Christmas!!!!

What a world wind of a year it has been! I’m grateful for my studio, family, friends and clients. I clearly don’t write  a lot, seeing as I only blogged once this year, but I’m promising myself I’ll do much better in 2017.  I had a lot of great shoots in and out of the studio, one of them being my kids’ Christmas session!

So from us to you, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


My nephew went to prom!!!

First, I haven’t been very active on my blog but there have been some big things happening this year for me. The biggest one is that I now have a studio!!!! Whooo Hooo. It’s something that I have been dreaming of for the past 13 years of my career. I’m hoping to have an opening very soon, so stay tuned for updates!

On to my nephew going to prom. I just want to cry! His mom and I have been friends for….. a long time. I think we were 3 or 4. I remember when she was pregnant with Emmanuel and when he was born. He was the ringbearer in my wedding 8 years ago and now he is graduating from high school. (insert tears) His beautiful date is his best friend Jada who is graduating from Duke Ellington School of the Arts Dance program.  Here are a few of the pictures we took at the Embassy Suites in Georgetown and the National Harbor.


Newborn Twins ~ Asher & Bolden

The only thing better than photographing your own baby, is photographing your best friend’s twin boys!

I was over the moon when she called and told me she was pregnant with, not one, but TWO babies. I remember seeing the joy on her, her fiancee’s and her family’s faces when she cut into two cakes at her gender reveal party and we all found out that she was having  boys. I remember the happiness and love she felt at her baby shower. I also remember the look of excitement and fear the night she was scheduled to deliver the boys. Now that they are here, even though she is exhausted, I see the look of love in her eyes. That look of being so in love with your child(ren) that only a mother can understand.

The journey of motherhood is not an easy one but it’s a journey that is so worth it! I’m so proud of you girl… I’m proud of both of you and I love all four of you!

April 9, 2016 - 7:06 PM

Leslie - These are really lovely. I came here because of your FB post and kept wanting to hit a “Like” button. Great work!

June 6, 2016 - 5:46 PM

Kea Dupree Alfred - I’m sorry I’m just seeing your comment. Thank you so very much!

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